Joker & Terror Danjah

Gully Goon Estate

Terror DanjahAfter the brilliant “Undeniable” (Hyperdub, 2010), here comes this luxe collaboration. Terror Danjah, the godfather of grime, and Joker, the young prince of dubstep funk, have teamed-up to produce a new track. This should be enough to guarantee a sales success for “Gully Goon Estate EP”, an record Terror Danjah himself announced in the first instalment of our series PlayPortrait. The 12” includes two tracks, “ Gully Goon Estate”, the one featuring Joker, and “Illmana”, the result of Terror’s collaboration with Screama. Look for it in stores as of 29th November, released via Hardrive.

Joker & Terror Danjah - “Gully Goon Estate EP”A. Gully Goon EstateB. Illmana feat. Screama

Joker & Terror Danjah - Gully Goon Estate (Gully Brook Lane remix by Terror Danjah) [clip]

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