Jens Lekman

New EP in September

Four years have gone by since “Night Falls Out Over Kortelada” Jens Lekman (Service/Secretly Canadian, 2007), and the life of has suffered some changes. For two years he lived in Melbourne (reportedly a love thing), but has now returned to his native Sweden (which is now ruled by the right-wing). He’s living in a nice little flat next to a church in Gothenburg, dealing with some unfinished business - which we hope is records. With an eye on his upcoming LP, the bedroom pop lover couldn’t resist the temptation of reissuing five new tracks on “An Argument With Myself” - an EP to be released by Secretly Canadian on 19th September (a day later in the USA). According to our man, the new release is “a little taste of what’s not to come", featuring tracks talking about Kirsten Dunst ( “Waiting For Kirsten”), the socio-political changes in his country ( “A Promise”) and the coded messages on Google Maps ( “New Directions”). But now, the million-dollar question is when will the album come out? Lekman recently told a Washington newspaper: “I think I have all the songs ready, but they haven’t been working. It seems like they want a more organic and soulful treatment. I’ve spent almost two years recording and perfecting the arrangements and now I feel like they don’t sound exactly like I want them to, so I’m probably going to go into the studio with a producer and rerecord them”. Until then, we’ll have this EP to keep us busy.

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