Jean-Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket

Electronic retirement

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Cosmic PocketAt 81-years-old, Jean-Jacques Perrey keeps on creating optimist, cheerful and mischievous pop and releasing electronic music alongside some of who we could consider his disciples or spiritual children. Three years after his collaboration with Luke Vibert in Moog Acid (Lo Recordings, 2007), the French pioneer has a brand new album ready. A record that he names together with a younger, more unknown producer Cosmic Pocket,, and that Invitro will release around 12th July. The album will have its own appendix on a second long player, “Froots Juice,” including 29 remixes by artists like Slugabed, Fulgeance, Jega, Eero Joahannes, Freeform, Team Doyobi, Ebola, Animals on Wheels, Candie Hank, Mochipet, Mesak... Wavy and metallic IDM, asymmetric beats , breakcore, skweee or bass music, all at the service of the electronic music of the French pioneer. Jean Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - “Froots” 01. Frothy 02. Fructification 03. Frooots 04. Frisky Frilly Fruits 05. Five Fingers Discount 06. G.S.O.H. 07. Fake Off 08. Fruitful 09. Cheng Guy 10. Funnygated 11. Six Froots Under 12. No Frogman No Cry 13. Hollyfool Chewing Gum 14. Top up Pips

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