Jay–Z y Kanye West (The Throne)

Spike Jonze directing the video of “Otis”

Good times on the musical front for Spike Jonze. His recent work for LCD Soundsystem ( “Drunk Girls”), Arcade Fire (the short film “Scenes From The Suburbs”) and Beastie Boys (the recent action flick to the tune of “ Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”) prove that - even though he's been focussing on cinema in recent years - Jonze never really left the world of music videos. In his upcoming release, we'll see him working alongside some of the great names of popular music. In a recent interview, Jay–Z stated that the maker of “Adaptation” is directing the video for “Otis”, the first track off of the upcoming and much-awaited “Watch The Throne”, his collaborative album with Kanye West. Not much else is known about the affair, except for the fact that it's already been filmed. There's a shot from the set with the single sleeve in it, but that doesn't really say much about the content of the video. So watch this space: more news shortly.

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