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JatomaToday, Jatoma remains a project in shadow, an association of secret identities (we only know the trio is Danish and that their combined age is 68) that has barely released one song, “Helix”, on the most recent volume (11, released in August 2010) of the “Total” series on Kompakt. With those minimal antecedents, Jatoma are preparing their album debut for early November. With regards to their identities, it seems like the plan is to keep quiet. Even from Kompakt, speculation is being fed with comments like “some think that one of the members is a famous producer who’s working with two adolescent geniuses,” or “other theories say that it’s a side-project of a reputed band.”. Whoever they are, Jatoma will see their album published via Kompakt on 9th November. 4/4 rhythms, home-made samples (the sound of carrots being cut or the noise of cereals falling into a bowl), synthetic textures, field recordings and guitars are the framework of songs that sound like something between minimal house, ecstatic trance like The Field and chillwave ambient pop. More details will follow soon.

Jatoma - “Jatoma”01. Little Houseboat 02. Manipura 03. Dust in Wong 04. Alang Beach 05. Durian 06. Wood Face 07. Bou 08. Smoking Keys 09. Paper Lights 10. Permafrost 11. Helix 12. Ma10as 13. Luvdisc

Jatoma - “Little house Boat”

Jatoma - “Helix”


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