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Farben for Faitiche

Jan Jelinek One has to hark back to 2004 to find “Presents the Preset: The Sampling Matter” (Klang Elektronik), the most recent EP to date by Jan Jelinek as Farben, his alias for the microhouse world. Six years after that album, and shared with The Presets (an imaginary band made up by Lorenzo Montana, Roco DeStefano, Pucho 'Eddie' Rivera and Rose Bellotte, souls devoted to clapping, clicking and whistling), Farben is now back with Faitiche, a new platform created to release Jelinek’s most experimental impulses (along with vibraphonist and electronic producer Masayoshi Fujita, a.k.a. El Fog, and Andrew Pekler and Hanno Liechtmann as Groupshow) and develop fictitious personalities (do some research on Ursula Bogner or Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples if you want to know more).

So without any previous notice, Jelinek has again put on Farben’s rhythmic costume to produce 4 new tracks—some of it recovered old material and some of it new—that will see the light of day as a 12” on Friday 5th November. Listen to samples of the two tracks featured on that new release here.

Farben - “Farben” A1: Rrival Inn (All)A2: Swinn OffB1: Aspiral WorlorderB2: Kursbuch 1&2

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