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Collaboration with Quayola and a new EP in sight

Jamie xx Quayola RizLab is a new music platform sponsored by Rizzla and curated by Stephen Bass (Moshi Moshi) alongside Tom Baker (Eat Your Own Ears). Its first project will be by Jamie Smith, aka Jamie xx. The producer of The xx will star in a special show called “ Structures”, to be celebrated on 11th August at an undisclosed location somewhere in London. Collaborating with Jamie will be Quayola - an Italian digital artist based in London - who will get the most out of his laptop, thanks to Partitura (software designed by himself) - which transforms sound into images in real time. The show will be an “immersive” audio-visual experience - featuring 17 meters of high-definition screens displayed in a 360º angle - and will last no less than four hours. Furthermore, Jamie will take the opportunity to present material from his new EP, of which we know nothing further as of yet. Here we leave you with some of Quayola's works, so you can get an idea of what you can expect on the night.

Strata #2 - Excerpt from Quayola on Vimeo.

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