James Pants

New Tropical

James Pants “Welcome” (Stones Throw, 2008), the debut album by James Pants, denoted his strange sound and kaleidoscopic taste. With his musical mix of white boogie, retro-futuristic psychedelia and robotic electro, with nods towards the devolution of new wave, traces of post-punk lipstick and latin-disco à la Konk plus a lot of synthetic punk, Pants has positioned himself at the forefront of the eccentrics called to renew the sonic footprint of Stones Throw. Two years later after “Seven Seals” (Stones Throw, 2009), the Peanut Butter Wolf label announces the release of a new EP by Pants that they say it could be considered as the follow up not to his latest album, but to the previous “Welcome”. The record is titled “New Tropical”, and brings together 6 cuts of booty electro -dirty, raw and bassy. It is already available through the on-line store at Stones Throw. James Pants - “New Tropical”

01. Driftwood 02. 1988 03. Hanama Beat 04. This Crazy Sound 05. Diamond Head 06. Say Yes

James Pants . Driftwood.mp3

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