James Blake

New EP in October

We now know where “Fall Creek Boys Choir”, the track by James Blake (production) and Justin Vernon (vocals) that caused such a stir last week, will end up. Universal has just confirmed that the song, right now available as a single on iTunes, will be part of a new EP by Blake, “Enough Thunder”, out on 10th October, as will be another new track in collaboration with Bon Iver. The EP, six tracks in total, will be made available as a stand-alone item (on CD, 12” vinyl and digital) and as a bonus CD with the new special edition of “James Blake”, the Londoner's divisive debut album. To make the wait more bearable, here we leave you with the audio of “Fall Creek Boys Choir” and a live version of “Enough Thunder”, recorded last May at the Doug Fir in Portland. Fall Creek Boys Choir

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