James Blake

New 12” on Hemlock

James Blake – Order/ Pan

In 2009, the unknown James Blake made his debut on Hemlock with “Air & Lack Thereof”. Now, two years, an album and millions of characters written about him later, young master Blake returns to the platform that launched his career as the wunderkind of British bass music. Blake delivers two cuts for the occasion, “Order” and “Pan”, on which he recovers the most oppressive and least friendly facet of his music. The two tracks are true bacchanals of sub-bass conducted by skinny rhythms and lethargic pulse, showing his talent for contained frequencies, and his incredible domination of the cosmic dimension of sounds. Without making concessions to hedonism, pop melodies or his more soulful side, this is music for cerebral raves. The release is set for 11th July on 12” vinyl and digital. You can listen to an extract here.

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