James Blake

A new album in February

James BlakeWe’re still waiting for the official announcement, but James Blake himself has already said that his debut album, presumably a self-titled one, will hit stores on 7th February via ATLAS, a new record label created by Blake with the logistic and financial support of a major.

In the most recent issue of the NME, Blake sheds some light on an album that, as he says, is not as mature and recent as we might imagine. According to him, most of the material featured was written during his time at university and represents “the first songs I’ve really written … you can probably tell when I wrote them by the sounds. Especially how I treat my vocals – the way they’re produced is quite unique.” Laura Snapes, his interlocutor in the article, says the lyrics are a reflection of “his own emotional experiences” during those student years, and that they’ve taken on a new dimension in the music of the author of “Klaviermusik”, often occupying the first layer of the remixes.

Asked about the live format chosen to play these new songs, Blake has confirmed a tour and said he’ll be accompanied by a band. “We’ve done trial runs and it’s going great. I’m rehearsing with a proper band – we’re going to be playing 100% live.”

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