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Discovering ?Circadian?

Jack SparrowA fan before he was a musician, British Jack Sparrow decided three years ago to try his luck with machines, not so much impelled by a desire to imitate his idols (from Mala to Ritchie Hawtin, Photek and Nightmares On Wax), but by his need to experiment and seek his own sound within the limits of dubstep, a genre he grew to know and love after many nights spent at Leed’s Sub Dub club. His output so far, though scarce (four 12”s released on Earwax, Contagious and Tectonic) is more than solid and shows Sparrow working slowly but surely, always prioritizing quality over quantity. After the release of “The Chase” and “Terminal”, two examples of dynamic and organic dubstep sprinkled with tribal percussion, Sparrow presents “Circadian”, his first long player for Tectonic, an album whose title alludes to the “circadian rhythms”, a pattern describing the oscillations of biological variables in regular time intervals. Vocalist Indi Kaur (vocals in “Angels in the Rain” by Pinch) and producer Rukspin are collaborators on an album that combines half-step rhythms and deep house, carnival ragga-techno, and dubstep with a tribal aftertaste.

The album will hit stores next week digitally, on CD and on a triple 12” (including seven cuts, but not “The Chase VIP”, “Terminal”, “Regress” or “Exit”). For a preview of the whole album, just listen after the jump. Jack Sparrow - “Circadian”01. Loveless 02. Dread feat. Ruckspin 03. The Chase VIP 04. Salvation 05. Terminal 06. Shoal 07. Subterranean feat. Indi Kaur 08. Dune 09. Relapse 10. Regress 11. Exit

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