Creep Acid

J.T.C.  Creep Acid There’s no doubt that Tadd Mullinix is a two-headed musician. Right when he started, some ten years back, we got to know his two faces: on one hand, Tadd became Dabrye, putting out beats with an oblique hip-hop flavour, way ahead of the whole wonky thing; on the other, he was releasing dark and lysergic house tracks as James T. Cotton. Now, the Michigan artist has resurrected his most straightforward alias, J.T.C., to deliver his new effort: Creep Acid”. Although in this case the title is more than explanatory, it should be made clear that, according to Mullinix himself, the reason for his randomised creative flow should be sought in the machines and synthesisers he has had at his disposal at one time or another. So, to understand the context of this record, nine characters and nine numbers suffice: TR-909, TB-303, SH-101. Armed with the holy trinity of Roland and constantly surrounded by a cloud of good smoke, Mullinix recorded nine tracks in the apartment he shared years ago with D'marc Cantu (his partner in 2AM/ FM) in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The result couldn’t be other than a treat of raw acid house, lean and filthy, instinctive and free-spirited. Completely based on improvisation, this is a biting and unsociable record, directly aimed at the lower parts of the soul. Originally set for a 2009 release, the album will be out in April via Nation, the label run by Melvin Oliphant III, alias DJ Traxx. James T. Cotton - The Second Night Cycle

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