Ital Tek

Colours of Midnight

Ital Tek Alan Myson aka Ital Tek has a second album release ready for Planet Mu. The record, a new exercise in imagination around the 130 bpm mark, contains the deep low frequencies accustom in dubstep, the fractured rhythm of 2-step and the purifying melody of the easiest IDMesque electronica. It’ll be release on June the 7th, followed by an EP that as an appendix to the album, will include remixes by Ikonika and Falty DL plus new tracks by Ital Tek - “Infinity” and “Crush Horizon”- that could not be fitted on the long-player. Those of you that would like getting acquainted with the “Midnight Colour” atmosphere, just follow this thread to the Planet Mu site where the are generous snippets of each of the album tracks. Ital Tek- “Midnight Colour”

01. Neon Arc 02. Talis 03. Moon Bow 04. Babel 05. Satellite 06. Subgiant 07. Black and White 08. Strangelove V.I.P. 09. Moment in Blue 10. Heliopause 11. Midnight Colous 12. Infinite 13. Restless Tundra feat. Anneka

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