Witch House for minorities

IsvoltBoth due to favourable propositions (the evocative debut album by Salem or the equally brilliant EPs by Balam Acab and oOoOO, for instance) and negative ones (not everybody likes this new arrival of the “esoteric” and “gothic” to the electronic music scene, or the easiness with which some of the genre’s representatives approach the “screwed”), Witch House is gaining more and more momentum. It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that new compilations devoted to a genre that not long ago was relegated to digital files, very limited edition cassettes and split singles, are being released.

The Robot Elephant label presents “Isvolt”, a compilation album produced in partnership with Disaro featuring 9 tracks from bands associated to the “drag” aesthetics, like †‡† (Ritualzz), Fostercare, Mater Suspiria Vision and White Ring. Most of the cuts on the album are not new, but they haven’t been properly released before, apart from a few dozens of 7” and CD-Rs. Here’s an option for those of you wanting an album featuring the most underground witch scene.

In stores on 6th December. Pre-orders here.

Var.- Isvolt01. †‡† (Ritualzz) - Misery Walk02. Party Trash - Sky Clad03. Fostercare - Cold Light04. //TENSE// - Versus Man05. Modern Witch - Your Life a Movie06. Mater Suspiria Vision - Ritualz of the Crack Witches07. Horse MacGyver - Nod08. White Ring - IxC99909. Raw Moans - Nectarine

Mater Suspiria Vision - Ritualzz of the Crack Witches by Robot Elephant Records

White Ring - IxC999 by Robot Elephant Records


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