Adventures in the Pampa

IsoléeThey dropped the news in October: a brief press release issued by Pampa (the label of DJ Koze and Marcus Fink) listed all the forthcoming releases for 2011. Besides confirming new albums by Robag Wruhme, Die Vogel and Koze himself, a new long player by the German Rajko Müller, a.k.a. Isolée was also announced. Pampa has since confirmed the impending release of this new album and provided fresh details.

An elusive master of minimal and organic electronica (starting with microhouse, but growing in too many other directions), Isolée’s third album will hit retailers on 21st January, five and a half years after the release of his brilliant “We Are Monster” (Playhouse, 2005). The album, titled “Well Spent Youth”, will feature more than ten tracks which apparently are more “psychedelic” and analogue.

Isolée - “Well Spent Youth”01. Paloma Triste 02. Thirteen Times An Hour 03. Taktell 04. Journey's End 05. Going Nowhere 06. One Box 07. Celeste 08. Trop Près De Toi (97' Interlude) 09. Hold On 10. Transmission 11. In Our Country Paloma Triste


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