Iron & Wine

Soul-cleansing kisses

Iron & WineSince in mid-September a new album by Iron & Wine ( “Kiss Each Other Clean”) was said to be coming soon, and we’ve just received a couple more about it. First, the album won’t be released through Sup Pop, but through Warner (in the U.S.) and 4AD (in the rest of the world); and second, according to its author, "it sounds like the music people heard in their parents' car growing up, that early to mid-'70s FM, radio-friendly music." The album bearded Sam Beam has described as “more of a focused pop record,” now has its artwork ready and a release date of 25th January. The long player features ten songs Beam recorded over a nine-month period between Chicago and Austin, with Brian Deck in charge of production.

On November 30th, the first single off the album, “Walking Far From Home”, will hit the digital stores. The track will also be available on a very limited 7” edition, only available (in theory) at independent stores associated with the initiative Records Store Day, which coincides with the next Black Friday.

Iron & Wine - “Kiss Each Other Clean”01. Walking Far From Home 02. Me And Lazarus 03. Tree By The River 04. Monkeys Uptown 05. Half Moon 06. Rabbit Will Run 07. Godless Brother In Love 08. Big Burned Hand 09. Glad Man Singing 10. Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

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