The missing pieces of the puzzle

InterpolInformation is coming out of the Interpol camp in a steady trickle, as if they as are on economy rations with the media world. The good news surrounding the release of the New York band’s fourth studio album are that they return to Matador. The not so sweet news regards the departure of Carlos Dengler (his replacement will be David Pajo). Now, the picture is filled in with the cover artwork and a definite tracklist for “Interpol”, the long player which will be available from 7th September (a week ahead of the original schedule), and which you can pre-order (complete with bonus material for the early birds) through Matador’s website. After the break you’ll find an arty promo video of the track “ Lights”, the first single, available here.

Interpol - “Interpol”

01. Success 02. Memory Serves 03. Summer Well 04. Lights 05. Barricade 06. Always Malaise (The Man I Am) 07. Safe Without 08. Try It On 09. All of the Ways 10. The Undoing


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