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Instra:mentalLondoners Al Bleek and Kid Drama have been releasing records under the Instra:mental moniker for ten years already. Their first release, a split 12” with Source Direct for the Demonic imprint, dates from 2000. And although the first half of the noughties wasn’t exactly a productive period for the duo–their release list shows a gap of almost six years–, over the past couple of years they have released EPs on Darkestral, Exit, Apple Pips, [Naked Lunch] and their own Nonplus label. Each and every one of those vinyls tells a chapter in the transformation of Instra:mental from techsteppy drum’n’bass towards a more personal affair of hybrid forms that feeds off the tension of the most adventurous dubstep, polished IDM, minimal techno and even electronic pop. This new way of treating drum’n’bass, as a slow, reductive, spatial and cinematic form, has now reached maturity enough to think about an album. Instra:mental’s debut longplayer will be in stores on 4th April, via Nonplus. That, and its title, “Resolution 653”, is all we know about the record so far, which promises to be varied. In the words of the pair, we “can expect a wide range of styles, from 110bpm up to 135bpm, on the album, we just went with what we were feeling at the time, that's all we've ever done in the studio.” In other words, there’s no deviation from what they’ve been doing for the last two years.

Instra:mental - 8 (radio rip)

Instra:mental - Watching You

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