The Metallic Year

ImbogodomFriends who share an interest in experimenting with ambiental rock, electro-acoustic music and sound collages, British Alexander Tucker (look for his records on ATP Recordings) and New Zealander Daniel Beban (audio artist, mastermind behind Sign of the Hag and member of bands like Orchestra of Spheres and Little Wet Horse) decided to team up under the Imbogodom moniker. At the start of 2010 and taking advantage of Beban’s job as an BBC engineer working the nightshift at the Bush House, the duo started experimenting editing tape loops in the deserted studios of the building, inspired by the works of the BBC's BBC's Radiophonics Workshop, Terry Riley and Alastair Galbraith. After a while those first handmade collages were complemented with all kinds of instruments, non-musical objects and voices, always using improvisation as the modus operandi during sessions in which the mixing deck was used as another instrument. Seduced by the result of those explorations, Thrill Jockey have collected ten of Tucker and Beban’s soundscapes on “The Metallic Year”, Imbogodom’s first album, to be released on 24th August.

Imbogodom - “The Metallic Year”01. The Metallic Year Pt. 102. Unseen Ticket03. Of The Cloth04. The Endless Body05. Indosoap06. Bvsh Hovse Ghost07. Report From Iron Mountain08. Calibos09. The Metallic Year Pt. 2

Imbogodom - “Unseen Ticket”


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