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Hype WilliamsDid you think the recent “What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting Reel” (De Stijl, 2010) was the “official debut album” by the slippery Hype Williams? So did we, but it seems we’re mistaken. In the clouded world of Roy Blunt (aka Roy Nnawuchi) and Inga Copeland, time goes by more slowly and calculations are always different. Their “Untitled” (Carnivals) and the aforementioned “What Happens When People...” don’t seem to be considered as albums by the two, but as mere EPs, because the proper “debut album” is now due for March 2011. We know that it will be called “One Nation”, and that it will be released by Hippos In Tanks, the label on the rise that already has releases by Games, d'Eon and Laurel Halo under its wings. More details soon.{youtube }MAik7jlZdqg {/youtube}

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