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Hype WilliamsWhen you’re looking to score, there are no better words than “for free”. We already told you that the weirdos –few adjectives could better to describe what they do than “disfigured” and “oblique”– who call themselves Hype Williams have finished their first album for De Stijl. “What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting Reel”, has just been released digitally, and in a few days it will be available physically too. It seems like the (as of yet) unknown couple haven’t been able to fit everything they wanted to onto the record, because in the wake of the album’s release, they’re putting out a new EP for free. If you want to get familiar with their sound –psychedelic, lo-fi, synthetic and narcotic pop between screwed up witch house and obscure hypnagogic pop–, you can do so with their “Dior EP”. All you have to do is click to download its seven tracks.

Hype Williams – “Dior EP”

01.dior 1 02.dior 2 03.dior 3 04.d.blunt getting rushed by christian slater and crew on pirate radio 05.stalker dior 06.dior 5 07.treated her badly

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