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Houses Houses is one of a breed of new acts being showered with attention by that division of American bloggers who are always on the lookout for new names. It’s easy to understand, hearing songs like “Endless Spring”, a gust of humid, balsamic pop related to the Chillwave school. Houses—a project based in Chicago—is about to release a debut album via Lefse, before he’s even had time to develop much of his own history. “I got laid off from my job at the end of last year and decided I needed a change. My girlfriend put in her two weeks and we moved out to a little cabin in Papaikou, Hawaii. It’s a pretty remote place outside of Hilo (i.e no plumbing/electricity/gas). We worked for meals during the day cultivating microorganisms and learning the basics of sustainable living. We drank, showered and cooked with rain water. In our downtime, she would paint and I would record.”

So with the help of a solar energy powered laptop, Houses recorded the framework of his first songs, intimate music born in a calm, love-laden atmosphere. Back in Chicago, the songs grew with new arrangements and field recordings to become “All Night”, an album due for release on 19th October.

Houses – “All Night”01. All Night 02. Endless Spring 03. Reds 04. Rose Book 05. Soak It Up 06. Medicine 07. Lost In Blue 08. Wash 09. Sleeping 10. Sun Fills

Houses . Endless Spring.mp3


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