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NA new album on Tempa, six years later

Tempa Horsepower ProductionsTheir first productions—like those of El-B, Groove Chronicles, Steve Gurley and Oris Jay, essential agents of garage’s foray into sharper and darker territory and its flirting with techno, dub, broken beat and jungle—are among the guiding principles of what later became widely known as dubstep. This is enough for us to profess the highest respect for Horsepower Productions. This is not the time to bring back memories, but to look to the future that will soon see the release of a new album, “Quest For The Sonic Bounty”, putting an end to six years of silence punctuated only by a couple of 12” released last year and now recovered here in edit format. Born as a triangular collective (Matt HP aka Lev Jnr, Nassis and Ben Garner aka Benny Ill recorded “In Fine Style”, released via Tempa in 2002), the emblem of Horsepower Productions is now hanging on Garner’s shoulders, helped sometimes by Jay King. There’re no audio available as yet, and only one date for our diaries: “Quest For The Sonic Bounty” will see the light of day on 29th November via Tempa.

Horsepower Productions - “Quest For The Sonic Bounty”01. Rain 02. Mexican Slayride 03. 22 04. Water 05. Kingstep (LP Version) 06. 18th Special 07. Damn It (Extended LP Version) 08. Lee Perry: Exercising (Horsepower Remix) 09. Poison Wine

Horsepower Productions - Damn It

Horsepower - Kingstep [HQ]

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