Horse Meat Disco

Third volume of their series for Strut

Horse Meat Disco Disco agitators Horse Meat Disco present the third episode in their acclaimed mix series for the Strutlabel. James Hillard, Severino, Filthy Luka and Jim Stanton started playing records one Sunday in a pub in Vauxhall and today, seven years on, their agendas are full of international DJ gigs. Their “Horse Meat Disco Mixes” play a big part in that. While on the first two parts, the group dusted off lost gems from the New York underground from the disco and boogie era, this time the foursome opted for opening up to more diverse sounds. On the first CD we find contemporary tracks like the ones by Tom Trago and Wild Geese, as well as a good portion of mid-nineties house. Despite the sidesteps to different territories, the disco sound is still very much present, mostly via edits of songs from classic labels, like the mythical Salsoul. On the second CD the tone is calmer, in a selection that includes generous doses of soul and funk, forgotten classics from Factory Records, some Hi-NRG and the inevitable classic boogie, in this case Two Tons of Fun. Again, the HMD boys deliver a release that shows off their encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of disco and good taste when it comes to selecting tunes. The cherry on the cake comes with the liner notes by disco eminence and Balihu boss Daniel Wang.

Tom Trago - Shutters

Two Tons O' Fun - Just Us

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