African blessing

HighlifeThough the project has its origins in New York, the main inspiration for Highlife comes from the plains of Central Africa, from the braiding guitars and circular melodies of the highlife that established itself on the streets and in the clubs of Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana and Senegal over the last century. Highlife (the project) is the child of Englishman Sleepy Doug Shaw, psych-rockers White Magic’s guitarist, who almost two years ago went looking for a little peace and relaxation on Gaspar Grande, a small Caribbean island that belongs to Trinidad and Tobago. There, with the help of his friend Mira Billotte, Shaw started to develop and record the first demos of songs in a vein halfway between acid-folk and Afro-pop which he would later, back in London, start to record with Harvey Birrel (producer of Crass and Sir Richard Bishop, among others) and alongside Tim Koch (member of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti) and Jesse Lee ( Gang Gang Dance). The result of those sessions, after live dates opening for Animal Collective, Ariel Pink and A Hawk and a Hacksaw, will be released on 28th September via The Social Registry.

Highlife - “Best Bless”01. War Fair 02. F Kenya Rip 03. Burning Stones 04. Tuareg Dancehall 05. Wet Palm Trees


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