Hercules and Love Affair

Ten shades of blue

Hercules and Love AffairAfter months of partial revelations and fragmented clues, Andrew Butler has just completed the tracklist of his “Blue Songs”. Moshi Moshi has just confirmed that the album, the second from Hercules and Love Affair, will hit retailers on 31st January 2011. We’ve long known that among the guests featured on the album are Kele Okereke (Bloc Party), Venezuelan singer Aerea Negrot, Shaun Wright (a fan of the band and now a collaborator) and Kim Ann Foxman. They will lend their voices to songs that, according to Butler, will be smoother, more minimalist and lyrical, at the juncture of old house, ambient pop and that sort of modern-day disco that has already become characteristic of his music. Other guests are Mark Pistel (a founding member of Consolidated and a collaborator for Meat Beat Manifesto, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and Grace Jones) and Patrick Pulsinger (a veteran activist of the Viennese electronic music scene). They both have helped Butler with the production and recording of the album, featuring the following tracklist:

Hercules and Love Affair - “Blue Songs” 01. Painted Eyes 02. My House 03. Answers Come in Dreams 04. Leonora 05. Boy Blue 06. Falling 07. I Can't Wait 08. Step Up 09. Visitor 10. It's Alright

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