Harald Grosskopf

A new life for ?Synthesist?

Harald GrosskopfWe could have seen it coming. Sooner or later, the new wave of hypnagogic pop and the kosmische legacy had to lead to reissues. One of the essential records for the emotional education of many of the cosmic rookies is “Synthesist”, the first solo effort of Harald Grosskopf (formerly a member of Ash Ra Tempel, Ash Ra and Cosmic Jokers, the group of which Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching were members as well), originally released in 1980 via the German Sky Records. RVNG Intl. has now given new life to this title, so praised by some, so unknown to the masses. The album will be released on 15th February (two weeks later on digital format) in an extended version, including a booklet with hagiographic notes and with the addition of a second CD containing the interpretations of Grosskopf’s songs by some of those synthesiser new-schoolers (Oneohtrix Point Never, Stellar Om Source, James Ferraro under his Keyhole Voyeur moniker, Arp and CFCF, among others). Here you can read all about it.

Harald Grosskopf - “Synthesist” “Synthesist”01. So Weit, So Gut 02. B. Aldrian 03. Emphasis 04. Synthesist 05. 1B47 – Earth 06. Trauma 07. Transcendental Overdrive 08. Tai Ki

“Re-Synthesist”01. Bronze – So Weit, So Gut 02. CFCF – B. Aldrian 03. Jar Moff – B. Aldrian 04. Arp – Emphasis 05. JD Twitch – Emphasis 06. Blondes – Synthesis 07. Snoretex – Synthesist 08. Stellar OM Source – 1B47 – Earth 09. Oneohtrix Point Never – Trauma 2010 10. Keyhole Voyeur (James Ferraro) – WISHMASTER (Transcendental Overdrive Zone) 11. Pink Skull – Tai Ki

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