Gwilym Gold presents The Bronze Project

New generative audio format

You’ll know Gwilym Gold as the keyboardist of Golden Silvers. The boy is now starting a solo career and his personal sounds seems to point at rather more experimental fields than the music he’s been making with his band. Last week, Gwilym Gold released his first single, “Flesh Freeze”. The song, an unexpected exercise in texture and timbre exploration halfway between synthetic ambient and relaxed IDM, is the first work released on “Bronze”, a new digital format developed by Lexxx and Gwilym. Bronze is a non-interactive musical format with the generative audio functionalities. The material recorded and presented with this new technology is transformed in real time with every listen, creating new and unique variations with every reproduction. According to the makers, the goal of Bronze is not to replace existing formats like the MP3 or CD. They see Bronze as more of a tool to start a new creative era in which the composition and production of a music piece no longer requires the existence of one final, specific product, materialised in an aesthetic form that cannot be modified. If you want to know more about Bronze, read this.

You can download “Flesh Freeze” here. The song will be available for free on 6th June for iPod, iPhone and iPad via Apple’s app store, for a limited time only. For now, only Mac users will be able to experience the functionalities of Bronze, but the makers promise to have a PC version ready soon.

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