Gurun Gurun

Post-pop reverie

Gurun Gurun Gurun Gurun come from the Czech Republic, an open collective around guitarist Tomas Knoflicek and keyboardist Jara Tarnovski. Their music is built on meticulous guitars, analogue synths, percussion, turntables and strings which, conveniently manipulated digitally, result in minimalist and atmospheric glitch-pop located between the most narcotic and panoramic post-rock, the naive electronics of Tujiko Noriko, Dorine Muraille's collages and the pop deconstruction of early Ensemble or So (the project by Markus Popp from Oval Japanese singer Eriko Toyoda). After sharing stages with Tim Hecker, Grails and Trespassers William, Gurun Gurun and their friends (including Opiate, the Morr family and Moskitoo and Sawako, 12k and Anticipate) have gone into a recording studio and made their official debut album. The record will be officially released on 10th December. If you buy a physical copy via the online Home Normal store you’ll receive a download code for a bonus album with remixes by Pimmon, Dot Tape Dot, Hearts+Horses, Zavoloka, Orla Wren, offthesky and Part Timer.

Gurun Gurun - “Gurun Gurun”01. fu (ft. moskitoo) 02. karumi 03. emoto 04. kodomo (ft. rurarakiss) 05. yume no mori (ft. sawako) 06. io 07. ano uta (ft. moskitoo) 08. kúkó (ft. rurarakiss) 09. ato toa ota tao 10. yuki Ì´ hawaiian snowflake (ft. Sawako) 11. karumi (kora et le mechanix mix) 12. fu (opiate mix)Gurun Gurun - Home Normal Album Preview

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