El Guincho

Pop Negro

El GuinchoExpectations are high, even more so after the taste of the first song, “Bombay”, which is little short of splendid. Yesterday afternoon the first details on “Pop Negro”, the third long-player effort by El Guincho, which will be released by Young Turks on 14th September, were announced. The album sleeve will be the one you see below: a cephalopod mollusc (in Catalan squid means “pop”) photographed on a black sand beach, which could well be an allusion to the recent oil spills in the Atlantic. Speculations aside, here we leave you with the nine titles contained on “Pop Negro”. El Guincho - “Pop Negro”01. Bombay 02. Novias 03. Ghetto Facil 04. Soca Del Eclipse 05. Lyrca Mistral 06. FM Tan Sexy 07. Muerte Midi 08. (Chica-Oh) Drims 09. Danza Invinto

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