El Guincho

Pirates of South America

GuinchoAfter a relative quiet year spent on replenishing the energy levels and filling up the ideas tank, on taking to the road his brand new band format, El Guincho returns with a clear focus on South American folklore. From 13th July in the US and the 21st in Europe, you’ll be able to purchase “Piratas de Sudamérica” (via Young Turks), the first of an EP series which Pablo Díaz-Reixa is dedicating to collecting re-interpretations from traditional music from South America. Julieta Venegas and Adrián de Alfonso ( Veracruz, Don The Tiger, Bèstia Ferida) are some of the artists collaborating on the first offering of the series that will end up in “Pop Negro”, the brand new album by El Guincho, expected in the Autumn. El Guincho - “Piratas de Sudamérica”

01. Hindou (original de Orefiche y Valdespi) 02. Cuerpo sin Alma (tradicional) 03. Mientes ft. Julieta Venegas (original de Miguel Matamoros) 04. Frutas del Caney (original de Felix Benjamin Caignet) 05. Marimba ft. Adrián de Alfonso (original de Noro Morales y Miguelito Valdés)


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