Same heartbeat, extended

GrumScottish Graeme Shepherd aka Grum has been dropping highly addictive singles becoming a favourite amongst fans of polished electro and poppier disco house. He says, “I'm totally proud of being pop. I have fun with the structure and sounds within that pop framework, but I never worry about whether I'm being sufficiently 'cool' or underground”. Grum is now prepared to extend his talent to a long player format titled, as his most successful to date single, “Heartbeats”, available on May the 18th (next Tuesday) under the Ultra Records umbrella.

Grum - “Heartbeats”

01. Through The Night02. Can’t Shake This Feeling03. Runaway (Album Version)04. Fashion05. Power06. Cybernetic07. Heartbeats (Album Version)08. Turn It Up09. Want U10. The Really Long One11. LA Lights12. Someday We’ll Be Together

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