Two new albums in April

It seems that this time, Liz Harris really is going to follow-up the critically acclaimed “Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill” (Type, 2008), her last album to date (not counting last year’s split with Roy Montgomery). In a tiny entry on Harris’s personal website she announces that in April, not one but two new Grouper titles will be released. For now, there are hardly any more details. It’s not clear if they’ll be released together under the name “A I A”, or if they’ll be sold only separately. The only things we know for certain are the titles (“Dream Loss” and “Alien Observer”), that they’re albums (“full length 12”s in Liz’s own words), and the release date (the not very specific month of April). According to Liz, both albums are “meant to stand solidly on their own, and also as satellites in the same system”. Later this year there will also be a reissue of the split by Grouper and Inca Ore. We promise to give you more details as soon as we have them.

Grouper - Invisible{youtube width="100%" height="25"}CC8BHK6pti8{/youtube}Update: Check the tracklists of both albums below.

Grouper - "Dream Loss"00. (first heart tone) 01. Dragging the Streets 02. I Saw a Ray 03. Soul Eraser 04. Atone 05. No Other 06. Wind Return 07. A Lie

Grouper - "Alien Observer"01. Moon Is Sharp 02. Alien Observer 03. Vapor Trails 04. She Loves Me That Way(second heart tone)05. Mary, on the Wall06. Come Softly

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