Old wolves barking at the sun

GrindermanNew details about Grinderman’s second album are starting to come in. After the first three promotional trailers (check them here, here and here) directed by John Hillcoat, now the announcement has been made of a 2nd August release for a first single from the second album by the more primitive than The Bad Seeds side project that Nick Cave has with Martyn P. Casey, Warren Ellis and Jim Sclavunos, as song which is described passionately by Mute as “cut[ting] a deep seductively heavy groove interjected with dazzling squalls of saw-tooth distortion. It abounds in lyrical imagery at turns lascivious, paranoid, philosophic, absurd and flat out abusive.” The song, Heathen Child, is a taster for the album, “Grinderman 2”, out on 13th September on Anti- (U.S.A.) and Mute (Europe). Grinderman - “Grinderman 2” 01. Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man 02. Worm Tamer 03. Heathen Child 04. When My Baby Comes 05. What I Know 06. Evil 07. Kitchenette 08. Palaces of Montezuma 09. Bellringer Blues


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