Greie Gut Fraktion

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Greie Gut FraktionTwo strong women exponents of Berlin electronica, Antye Greie (better known as AGF and alongside Sasu Ripatti as AGF/Delay, as well as being involved in experimental pop, ambient and glitch projects by The Dolls o The Lappetites) and Gudrun Gut (founder member of Einstürzende Neubauten and Malaria!, electronic artist and director of label Monika Enterprise), have decided to join forces to develop a particular hybrid under the name Greie Gut Fraktion. “ Stadt Mixe,” the first single available last week, includes reviews by Greie Gut Fraktion (below), Alva Noto and Wolfgang Voigt of the classic Neue Deutsche Welle, “ Wir bauen eine neue Stadt” by Palais Schaumberg. That version is the first sonic clue of Baustelle,” the “post-kraut-dub-industrial-techno”- their own label says so- debut album released through Monika Enterprise around 18th June. Greie Gut Fraktion - “Baustelle”

01. Cutting Trees 02. Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt 03. Drilling An Ocean 04. Miscmaschine 05. Make It Work 06. Betongiessen 07. Grossgrundbesitzer 08. Baustein 09. Chine Memories 10. White Oak 11. We Matter

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