The deepest emptiness

GrasslungAfter a string of very limited edition cassettes and CD-Rs, virtually all focussed on analogue abrasive drones, Brooklynite Jonas Asher has decided to take a turn towards thriftier ground, more nude and soundscape-like, on his official debut (or at least, the first of his releases that rely on normal distribution methods) as Grasslung, “Sincere Void”. Neo-classic minimalism meets floating clouds of ambient on songs coming slowly, without haste, looking for the counterpoint to its infinite melancholy in faint clicks, the occasional whirring of controlled feedback or masses of static electricity that sharpen the feeling of peace and emptiness. The album is in stores now as a limited edition of 500 copies (apart from the digital format), via Root Strata. Grasslung - “Sincere Void”01.Scarred Hands We Drift02. Roland Park Noose03. Tired Of Remembering04. Feeding Your Vanity05. When We Were Young06. A Piece Of Me07. Lay Down In A DitchGrasslung - “Tired Of Remembering”


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