Paseo trascendental

Grasscuts Grasscut are Andrew Phillips and Marcus O’Dair, a TV and film music composer with over 100 works and an musician trained academically in classical and jazz who is as comfortable playing the double bass as he is at playing any type of keyboards. They have been producing together curly, unpredictable music with panoramic views (from exploiting digital distortion and noise, to muse on Victorian poetry), described by their label as electro-pastoral psychedelia, a collection of tracks with modern touches inspired on British transcendental journeys. It has already been compared to Gavin Bryars and Daedelus work. The first Grasscut long player “maps the route of a transcendental journey across a real landscape, centering on the Sussex South Downs of “High Down”, but taking in frozen mountains in North Wales ( “Meltwater”), a man with a metal walking stick in a park in Brighton ( “The Tin Man”), his mother’s memories of post-war rationing ( “1946″) to the slightly more metaphorical Nintendo Cathedral of “Muppet” and Hilaire Belloc riding a winged horse across the nation.” It will be available in the shops next July the 5th through Ninja Tune.

Grasscut - “1 Inch / ½ Mile”

01. High Down 02. Old Machines 03. Meltwater 04. The Tin Man 05. Muppet 06. 1946 07. The Door In The Wall 08. Passing 09. In Her Pride

Grasscut – Muppet (Nathan Fake Remix)

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