Graciela Maria

The places and the dates

Graciela MariaHer name gives her away: Latin blood runs through Graciela María’s veins. She started out on the Mexican electronic scene before crossing paths with Berliner Robert Koch, A.K.A Robot Koch, where a first encounter in Brooklyn resulted in ideas for making music together. Graciela sang on one of the song on Koch’s first album, “Death Star Droid” (Project:Mooncircle, 2009), and on three tracks on the “Listen To Them Fade” EP (Project:Mooncircle, 2010), and joined Koch live on stage. Now it’s the other way around: Graciela is releasing her first collection of songs produced with the help of Koch and Sneaky, a member of Fingathing and solo producer. In the natural tones of the effort, acoustic drums and cello co-exist peacefully with bassy electronica on “Many Faces”, an album that has as much to do with the singer-songwriter tradition as it has with downtempo electronica. The release is set for 28th January via Project:Mooncircle.

Graciela Maria – “Many Places”A01. Santa Ana AfternoonsA02. Many PlacesA03. MeanwhileA04. Magic BusA05. UnderwaterB06. Little White ShoesB07. Nothing SafeB08. Through The NightB09. Always B10. Sirius

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