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Invisible Conga People Compared to the usually frantic release schedule, 2011 has started out pretty relaxed for DFA. Which probably has something to do with label boss Murphy being very busy saying goodbye to audiences with LCD Soundsystem. Now that the first goodbye gig is imminent (this Sunday at Madison Square Garden, broadcast globally via webcast), the mighty New York label announces two highly anticipated 12” singles. On one hand, the illustrious Walter Jones’ new project Graceful Exit, a modern disco combo for which the New Orleans artist has teamed up with singer Ellipsis, producer Chaz Bronz and sax player Jesse Allen, makes its debut on vinyl. The foursome will release “Revolve Disco” on 24th April; watch out for this one, word has it it’s one of Jones’ most ambitious efforts to date.

The other return is by Invisible Conga People. Eric Tsai and Justin Simon lit up the world with “Cable Dazed”, their debut on Italians Do It Better, way back in 2008. Since then, the twosome remained in the shadows, apparently moving house a lot, up to the point of them thinking they were being followed by demolition crews. Luckily, they’ve found the time to record “In A Hole” and “Can’t Feel My Knees”, two songs as lazy and held back as their first tracks. Both cuts will be out on 12” on 1st May, accompanied by their respective dub versions.

Returning to LCD Soundsystem’s goodbye gigs, Lance Bangs, who is responsible for the band’s visuals, called out to all the fans to send him images of clouds and videos filmed on board of airplanes. If he likes your stuff, they will probably end up forming part of the already historical goodbye show of James Murphy’s band. If you want to participate, you can send your images here.

Cable Dazed- Invisible Conga People by fresh_air

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