Moving forwards with their musical service

GoogleChecking out the field with One Box (their new online music search tool), the gigantic Google is about to begin participating directly in the digital music business. According to Reuters, Google has been talking with the major labels about the launch of a download service –including a store, and cloud based storage and transferring techniques, which would allow the listening to and the downloading of files from anywhere with an internet connection. According to sources cited by Reuters, Andy Rubin, Google’s vice-president of engineering and main negotiator in the conversations with the record industry, expects to have the new service up and running by this coming Christmas. As of yet, there are no deals signed with the majors, but, judging from the comments by insiders, the labels seem to be interested in Google’s plans – as a company big and rich enough to take on Apple’s iTunes, and liven up the digital market with a touch of competition.


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