Remix contest

Gonjasufi Last August we reported that the weird and fascinating debut album by the mystic Gonjasufi - “A Sufi and A Killer” (Warp, 2010), would have a follow-up in the form of a remix album. This collection of remakes, christened The Caliph's Tea Party, is an excuse to summon fans to participate in a competition aimed at creating new music for two acapella pieces by Gonjasufi. Just visit Sumach Valentine’s website before 1st November. The audience will be the ones to make the first selections, but Gonjasufi and Warp will choose the winning remix among the ten most voted pieces. The winner will get to see his ego inflate with a special mention on Warp’s website and will also be given an exclusive piece of artwork signed by Gonjasufi himself. This is not about money, so if you want to participate, think in terms of the prestige you’ll earn. Good luck.Gonjasufi - Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard Rmx)


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