The city collector

GoldmundTwo years after The Malady of Elegance (2008), Texan Keith Kenniff, aka Helios, recovers his Goldmund suit to deliver a new collection of piano postcards. Like Sommer, Peter Broderick or Nils Frahm, Kenniff looks once again for his reflection in the minimalist shadow of Erik Satie or Harold Budd, projecting in his new songs the emotional memory of a series of places that for one reason or another have been important to him in his life. The piano once more is the skeleton of his new effort, although in the background you can hear light strings, bells, brass instruments, synthetic ambient sounds and melodies that seem to disintegrate upon its first contact with light. In line with his psycho-geographic intentions, the album will be titled “Famous Places” and will be available from 24th August via Western Vinyl.

Goldmund - “Famous Places”01. Alberta02. Bergen03. Bowen04. Brown Creek05. Conestoga06. Dane Street07. Edale08. Fort McClary09. Grass Rides10. Havelock11. Hope Avenue12. Jones Beach Dunes13. Pine View14. Safe Harbor15. Saranac


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