Rings of synthetic pop

GlasserIt’s time again to talk about Cameron Mesirow, the one-woman orchestra who at the start of 2009 started releasing small gems of synthetic pop wrapped up in dreamy gasses, under the moniker of Glasser. Cameron has finished her debut longplayer, and those who have heard it already (from the boys in Delorean -label mates in the USA- to the people at Matador) say that the record is a giant step forward in her career. Unlike her previous efforts, Cameron has worked with producer Ariel Rechtshaid, looking to re-imagine her musical world, incorporating strings, brass, real basses and organic percussion in order to achieve a deeper and refined sound and making the album a fluid and cohesive whole, something more than the sum of its parts. The record will be called “Rings”, and although it won’t be out until late September, you can pre-order it now on True Panther Sounds. Glasser - “Rings” 01. Apply 02. Home 03. Glad 04. Plane Temp 05. T 06. Tremel 07. Mirrorage 08. Treasury of We 09. Clamour


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