The Broken Dreams Club

GirlsA year and four singles later, and “Girls” (True Panther/Matador, 2009) is now exhausted. It’s time to turn the page, to begin a new cycle, one that will start with “Broken Dreams Club”. This is the title of Girls’ upcoming EP, which includes six tracks JR White has recorded in the band’s home studio. Given the unintelligible content of this handwritten letter by Christopher Owens (the letter explains the origins and intentions of the tracks featured on the EP), the only thing we know for sure is that the sound of these new songs is "a more massive, lusher sound with horns, pedal steel and psychedelic effects dappled throughout." You can grab a first listen to “Heartbreak” on the widget you’ll find below. The album is scheduled for release on 22nd November via True Panthe r. If you want a copy, pre-order here.

Girls – “Broken Dreams Club”01. The Oh So Protective One 02. Heartbreaker 03. Broken Dreams Club 04. Alright 05. Substance 06. Carolina

Girls . Heartbreaker.mp3


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