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Girl TalkWe were aware of the fact that his new album was about to be released because he himself said so. But we didn’t think it was going to be so early. Without any notice, the Illegal Art label announced yesterday that the new full-length recording by Girl Talk was available on his website at just one click. The fifth album in the career of this artisan of sonic recycling and bastard irreverent mashup is entitled “All Day”. According to the information provided by Gillis himself, the album is made up of 373 samples borrowed from such distinct artists as Ice Cube, Black Sabbath, Neil Diamond and Belinda Carlisle. The album is meant to be listened as a whole, in just one go, which is why Illegal Art offers two download options: one seamless file or one broken up into individual tracks for easier navigation. It’s your choice.

Girl Tallk - “All Day”01. Oh No 02. Let It Out 03. That's Right 04. Jump on Stage 05. This Is the Remix 06. On and On 07. Get It Get It 08. Down for the Count 09. Make Me Wanna 10. Steady Shock 11. Triple Double 12. Every DayGirl Talk - That's Right

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