Tougher than you

GiggsDisplaying a certain daring spirit, typical of a seasoned rhyme-r brought up in dark grime alleyways, Giggs introduces himself by launching a challenge that’s not looking for a scuffle. Do you think you can free-style as well as Giggs? Put your money where your mouth is. How? You’ll have to buy the instrumental version of “ Look What The Cat Dragged In”, the South Londoner’s new single. Once you have incorporated your lines, you can upload your efforts here. This is how XL is sending Giggs’ viral. “Let Em Ave It” is the debut album which will be available in the shops on 21st June. Now we just need to know when and how this album will be translated to the live arena, after his last tour was banned by the Police because they considered that the shows incited violence. Giggs - “Let Em Ave It”

01. Intro 02. Hustle On 03. Look What the Cat Dragged In 04. The Way It Is 05. Bus Commercial 06. Get Your Money Up 07. Ner Ner 08. Reminiscing (feat. Joe Grind and Gunna Dee) 09. The Loves Still There (feat. Kyra) 10. Little Man & Me (feat. ML) 11. Life (feat. Shereen Shabana) 12. What More Do They Want 13. Matic (feat. Gunna Dee & Y Butch) 14. Signs 15. Up Up & Away (feat. J-Melo) 16. Have It Out 17. All I Know (Get Your Money Up remix) (feat. Nathan) 18. Let Em Ave It


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