Ghostly I-XIII

The SMM Collection

Ghostly I-XIIIThat less and less people are buying music on physical formats is a fact supported by statistics. That’s perhaps the reason why the Ghostly International team has decided to gather on the same digital collection all the references released so far through their SMM division. No one has ever revealed what SMM stands for. We just know it’s the platform for that kind of production which is closer to texture than to rhythms, to enigmatic ambient style and experimental sounds than to avant pop and electronic beats. “I-XIII: The SMM Collection” compiles a total of 15 titles, among them the two previous SMM compilations and recent albums by Christopher Willits and The Sight Below. The whole download (about 1.5GB of deep listening music) is priced $40, that is, about £25. For that little money, you can fill your hard drive with all this:

Ghostly I-XIII: The SMM Collection: Tadd Mullinix - “Panes” Twine - “Twine” Kiln - “Sunbox” Aeroc - “Viscous Solid” North Valley Subconscious Orchestra - “The Right Kind Of Nothing” Christopher Willits - “Surf Boundaries” Kiln - “Dusker” Twine - “Violets” Cepia - “Natura Morta” The Sight Below - “Glider” The Sight Below - “Murmur EP” The Sight Below - “It All Falls Apart” Christopher Willits - “Tiger Flower Circle Sun”Various Artists - SMM Vol. 1Various Artists - SMM Vol. 2

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