Gary War

Police Water

Gary WarAgainst all odds (and by this we don’t mean they don’t deserve the merit; rather the opposite), their album “Horribles Parade” (Sacred Bones, 2009) was last year highly praised by the most prestigious and demanding music magazines specializing in experimental music. The praise is justified: their hybrid proposal made up of reverberating noise, pop psychedelia with a lo-fi finish, cosmic-flavoured ghostly electronica and a retro-futuristic, dystopian synth-pop on good terms with industrial rusty tunes make of Gary War a unique and exciting band. For most of this year, the New Yorkers hadn’t shown any signs of life as far as new releases go. This period of drought will come to an end on 9th November, the date Sacred Bones have chosen to release “Police Water”, an EP that could as well be a mini album. Judging by “Born Of Light”, Gary War seem to be determined to follow the path of naturalization, highlighting the pop component of a collection of songs that are ever more focused, clean and direct.

Gary War - “Police Water”01. Born of Light02. Engur03. On Its Head04. Grounds For Termination05. Who and Why06. Sirens

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