Second steps

GamesDaniel Lopatin’s musical universe hasn’t ceased expanding. To his excursions in a synthetic retrofuture with Oneohtrix Point Never, he now adds the increasing success of his remixes for other artists, and his fundamental role in new projects like Games. Lopatin shares this new venture with friend Joel Ford, from Tigercity. Together they have created a sort of slow, hazy pop using samplers and vintage synthesisers, which seeks to reconstruct the memory of the 80’s via the combination of mainstream soft-pop, synth-pop and white R&B. Their formula has to do with both modern beatmaking and chillwave-style patterns. Like the first 7” ( “Everything Is Working”, released in August), Hippos in Tanks has just confirmed the details of Games’ second official release, a six-track EP (four new songs and two remixes) called “That We Can Play”, to be available from 2nd November. Games - “That We Can Play” 01. Strawberry Skies 02. Midi Drift 03. Planet Party 04. Shadows in Bloom 05. It Was Never Meant to Be (Games Remix) 06. Strawberry Skies (Gatekeeper Remix)


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